Adopting Nameles provides an x-ray vision to the programmatic ad market, creating both direct and indirect cost benefits. These benefits range from significantly reduced IT overhead, to increased buyer trust, and improved optimization capability through cleaner data.

Unparalleled invalid traffic detection leads to:

– Reduced cost
– Higher profitability
– Increased valuation
– Less legal risk (from exposure to fraud)
– Higher trust from buyers
– Better energy efficiency

Savings from just reduced IT cost versus Nameles total-cost-of-operation has been proven to be at least 100:1, where for every $1 invested in to operating Nameles, $100 dollars is saved in IT cost.  A typical adtech company spends up to 35% of revenue to commissions, IT and other traffic volume related cost items. Cost-effective pre-bid filtering provides an instant remedy to profitability, and particularly to valuation (Net Present Value).

Using the the financial statements available for 7 major Demand Side Platforms, we’ve created a Net Present Value (NPV) model that proves how many unprofitable DSPs could make their business profitable simply by adopting Nameles and implementing it as intended. Below graphic shows an adoption scenario with 16% overall filtering rate for one such company.

Get the full details on the model here.